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Fashion Party

Fashion Party

Much as I love it, the media can occasionally be a little, um, hyperbolic when it comes to trends.  And really, who can blame them? The going must get tough when everyone is reporting on the same jewel-box sized farm-to-table restaurant in a yet-to-gentrify corner of Queens. (BTW, have you been? The chef is a Korean toddler who determines each night’s menu by pointing at pictures of food illustrated by “Very Hungry Caterpillar” author Eric Carle. It’s ahh-maa-zing!! And I hear he’s opening a taco place next year!!!!)

And while food media is ripe for parody (peep Eater’s cover of mock-mag Gout if you want more of that), no beat is better suited for snark than fashion. With ever-changing trends and multi-city bi-annual fashion weeks that celebrate the latest and greatest wearables, it’s easy to see why fashion writers can occasionally run out of gas. This is great for us, because tired phrases made some fashion/techy genius over at luxury fashion site SSENSE invent the “Random Fashion Buzzword Generator.” Below, I’ve included a few gems from my time spent on the site. It’s just like reading the NYT Style magazine. Except funnier and about 7lbs less than the actual publication. (So fashion!)

For even more fashion fun, follow this link ( to YouTube and cue up “Fashion Party” by Das Racist to complete the experience.

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All Image Source Ssense


Posted by Erin K.