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Fashion That Looks Good Enough to Eat!

Fashion That Looks Good Enough to Eat!

During my time here at marlo marketing, it has been my joy to spread the word about one of the city’s cooler events – CREATE. It comes but once a year, traditionally falling on a warm June Sunday, and celebrates all things food and art. The event’s first two years took place at my old gig, so believe it or not, I have actually been involved in some respect with this weird and wonderful mashup for four years! And let me tell you: it has yet to get old. Yes, I am drinking the CREATE Kool-Aid – which means any mix of food and art makes me want to high-five those behind it.

Now that you’ve got that background, imagine my delight when a rabbit hole of Internet surfing led me to a Man Repeller post from last summer highlighting the Instagram account of illustrator Gretchen Röehrs. Based in San Francisco, Gretchen makes use of both food and fashion to create colorful illustration that will up your Instagram game the minute you follow @groehrs (do it! Do it now!). If you really want to get a foodie fashion fix and you’re willing to pay more than the Instagram standard  of #FoFree, you can visit her website and purchase prints here.

Take a gander, get inspired, and, unless you can make a skirt steak look like an actual skirt, just leave playing with food to the professionals.

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All Images Source Gretchen Roehrs 


Posted by Erin K