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Fashion Week’s Hottest Show is…

Fashion Week’s Hottest Show is…

Image source Danlly Domingo via Fashionista

Have you ever watched Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update skits with City Correspondent Stefon? Well, it’s an absolute favorite at the office. This video isn’t even the funniest one, but NBC has removed everything from YouTube due to copyright infringement.

ANYWHO, the skits are so hilar because Stefon rattles off the most ridiculous descriptions of clubs and places to go in New York City. Some of his must-see hotspots include entertainment like “Stun guns, small people, freaking cold air, Jewpids [Jewish cupids]…Pugs, geezers, doo-wop groups, a wise old turtle that looks like Quincy Jones…[and] human suitcases.”

(In case you’re wondering what a human suitcase is, “It’s that thing, when a midget on roller skates wears all of your clothes and you pull him through an airport,” according to Stefon, that is.)

Well, it seems like Stefon’s totally insane “it” city spots might actually exist. According to Fashionista, Vice, an edgy lifestyle magazine that often explores pop culture in…unusual ways (like sending a reporter to cover London Fashion Week while tripping on acid), hosted a fashion show at ex-Ellis Island strip club featuring puppies in bondage.

In the words of Stefon, this party actually had everything; puppies in S&M gear, dog walkers clad in leather, face masks suitable for that pet you got at the pound, pre-installed Instagram lighting, and sequined disco balls shaped like busty mannequins. Seriously, how did Lulu miss the auditions for this?

The most upsetting part about the event isn’t that it was probably some form of animal cruelty (we all know dogs are attention whores anyway), but that I bet you I couldn’t even afford the slutty puppy outfits that the dogs were modeling.

Posted by Hannah