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Father-Daughter Duo Cartwheels Into My Heart

Father-Daughter Duo Cartwheels Into My Heart

Looking for a new insta follow? Meet Ash & Alex aka @My_Gym_Dad.

With 175K followers and counting, this Australian father-daughter pair is captivating the masses with their comical gymnastic feats and fails. Essentially, 41-year-old Ash tries to mimic 9-year-old Alex’s moves and records everything on their social page. From balancing on a fence to doing a front flip off a mini trampoline, there’s nothing this daring dad won’t try to emulate.

The inspo for the page came after Ash figured making the videos together would be a great way to spend more time with Alex because she was devoting around 30 hours a week already practicing gymnastics. What a guy!

In addition to the cuteness of the gesture, these videos are pretty addictive and entertaining to watch. While Ash does pretty well for an old guy, it’s pretty impressive he hasn’t gotten himself hurt yet amidst all of his twists and turns. Regardless, this fam takes the cake for 2017’s coolest bunch.













Posted by Anne