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Female Poodle Seeking Romantic Life Partner…

Female Poodle Seeking Romantic Life Partner…

Let me start off by declaring my love for dogs. Since I was born, I’ve had three different golden retrievers because my family can’t bear to live without a “man’s best friend” in the house. When I come home from school during breaks, my golden, Cally, and I share an extended embrace. And while I was abroad in Paris, I often insisted that my family hold up the webcam so I could say “hello” via Skype. Did my roommates without pets laugh? Yes. Yes they did. Are you convinced I’m a dog lover? Good.

Because no matter how much I enjoy dogs, I still had to draw the line when I saw this site.

“Pets Dating” is exactly what it sounds like: “an online community for pet owners who want their pet to enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life in the company of another pet.” I’m all for doggy play dates but a lifelong companion seems a little much. Essentially the site is like a for your pet. You can “friend” other pets in search of “the one” and once you have determined that you’ve found that special someone for your pet, you can arrange for a rendezvous at a local park (the first date, if you will).  Love at first bark? Perhaps.

My personal opinion? A little creepy. Let’s keep the online dating to humans, thanks.

Posted by Kerry

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