Fighting Global Food Waste Ain’t No Buzz Kill!

If someone were to tell you it’s possible to simultaneously combat the issue of global food waste and get a nice buzz from an ice cold beer, would you do it? (I’ll assume the answer is yes and just keep explaining…)

Tristram Stuart, a major anti-food waste proponent in London, launched Toast Ale beer in the U.K. and is now bringing the popular brand across the pond to the U.S. However, this isn’t your average beer. Toast Ale is made from surplus bread (!). According to the brand, “over 1/3 of fresh bread in the U.S. goes straight from oven to landfill,” and Tristram is on a mission to change that.

Just recently, Toast brewed its first American brew—an American Pale Ale made with 250 pounds of leftover sliced bread from a New York bakery. The brand started a crowdfunding campaign and promises to donate all proceeds to fighting food waste if they’re able to get brewing in full-force by summer.

So hopefully the next time you get an itch to save the world but kind of also want to have a beer too, you’ll be able to grab a socially-conscious Toast beer from a store near you!


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