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As if the iPhone and iPod Touch didn’t have enough handy-dandy applications already, now there’s even one to aid figure skaters and figure skating fans. With the Olympic spirit in the air, it’s hard to watch the figure skating events and not want to try a double axel in your living room. I mean who doesn’t love a good sit spin? And the “Kiss and Cry” area…sigh…gets me every time.

Whether you’re a novice at the sport or training to be the next Michelle Kwan, every skater could use a little technology in the rink. “Figure It” is a brand new application that allows you to build a short and long program, judge it through a touch screen and keep a running log of each program’s point totals. While the application is ideal for coaches and budding Olympians, it’s also a fun tool for fans.

For those of us who aren’t as graceful in the rink, but enjoy watching the sport on television (ahem, like me), this application allows fans to judge their favorite skater’s program and compare it to that skater’s previous competition results. Just think — you’ll know how well they skated before they do! Or if you’re throwing an Olympic viewing party, you and your friends can all download the application and create a judging block in the comfort of your living room. Forget GPS or Tetris, this is my type of application. Now if only I could stand on ice without falling…

Intrigued? Check it out at Convinced? Purchase it at…352169486?mt=8.

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