File This Under: Very Bad Idea

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed Calvin Klein has been everywhere lately promoting their underwear line. You’ve got Kendall and Kylie Jenner posting Instagrams in #MyCalvins, J. Biebs talking about his endless supply of Calvin’s on The Ellen Show, and outdoor ads everywhere you turn in NYC.

Calvin Klein Racy Billboard








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Seems like all is well and good in the ‘90s underwear world, with CK once again relevant and trendy. That is, until you publish a new advertisement featuring an upskirt photo…












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As any sane individual would suspect, people are pretty pissed. Apparently this isn’t even Calvin Klein’s first “upskirt-style ad,” yet back when the first one ran in 1995 it’s unlikely that the term “upskirting” was even a thing. While in no way does that make it better, Calvin probably should have given a little thought to the issues that current day women actually have to deal with before going forward with this one. Don’t think you need to be a “father of two girls” to get that this just ain’t right.

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