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File Under: Only in NYC

File Under: Only in NYC

Last Tuesday afternoon people flocked to NYC’s East Village to partake in an unusual affair. Some were short, some tall, some looked extremely fit, while others…not so much. All from different backgrounds, work fields, and ages, they all shared one MAJOR thing in common…they were all unemployed, turning out for New York City’s first (and hopefully last!) “Olympics for the Unemployed.” Participants made their way to the “Unemployment Office” (assembled out of cardboard boxes) and prepared to register for activities that—many hoped—would make the day go by. (Hey, when you’re unemployed, finding creative ways to kill time is a skill not to be ignored!) Fortunately, no time trials were necessary—all that the Olympian hopefuls needed to qualify for these games was an unemployment card, or a letter of dismissal from a former employer.

Instead of testing athletic prowess, these Olympic Games offered more work-oriented challenges. Four events were planned: Pin the Blame on the Boss, You’re Fired Race, Piñata-Bashing, and the highly anticipated Fax Machine Toss which, at the last minute, was canceled because park officials didn’t like the idea of crushed office equipment littering the grounds. Understandably so. The event was replaced with Office Phone Skee-Ball.

Pin the Blame on the Boss entailed blindfolded participants sticking pins in a dummy. Office Phone Skee-Ball had the jobless tossing phones into numbered chalk circles, trying to gain the most points. Piñata-Bashing is exactly what it sounds like–beating said piñata until the candy bar Paydays came flying out for all to enjoy. The festivities ended with the You’re Fired Race. The most physically-challenging of the events, it was a sprint across the park to see who would make it to the cardboard unemployment office first.

The fact that 50 participants came from New York and beyond to partake in these wacky office games? For the unemployed, I guess it’s all in a day’s work!

Posted by Jillian