Fine Art Barbie

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Criticized for instilling unrealistic body images in the minds of young, impressionable girls, Barbie often gets a bad rap. Sure, her waist line might be equivalent to that of a small child with the bust of a porn star, but let’s be honest: dressing and accessorizing Barbie was my first introduction to an infatuation with fashion that has served me well in my adult life.

From the Spice Girls, to William & Kate, over the decades Barbie has played a (critical?) role by immortalizing pop culture icons with commemorative dolls. Completely useless? Perhaps. But entertaining nonetheless. But as seen on my new favorite site (appropriately titled Incredible Things), there is now a Barbie that serves a legitimate and educational purpose. Thanks to French artist Jocelyne Grivaud, little girls everywhere can now develop an appreciation for higher culture at a young age from her series inspired by the most iconic women in fine art. As a closet art history nerd, this was very exciting news!

While I do not anticipate procreation to occur any time soon, I can assure you that if and when it does, my little girl will know a Vermeer from a Da Vinci long before she can recite lyrics from the next Justin Bieber sensation.

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