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Was Your First Kiss a Hit or a Miss?

Was Your First Kiss a Hit or a Miss?

Oh, how I love a good first kiss story. Listening to people relive every awkward, pseudo-romantic, seemingly world-moving, shake-you-to-your-core moment brings me back to my first kiss. It was the summer before 8th grade and I was on a group date (which, in my jaded adulthood, sounds strangely like an orgy) with some friends at the movies. We were at the age when hormones were flying and crushes were fleeting, but full of passion and drama. I was in the throes of such feelings and thrilled to learn that my sentiments were reciprocated. The boy in question and I sat next to each other during the movie and, midway through, got up at the same time to use the restroom, quite serendipitously I’m sure. During our tandem bathroom break, there was discussion about our mutual feelings, ending in a sweet, albeit uncomfortable, smooch. Though the kiss left me with a black-and-blue bottom lip (yes, I was a bite victim), I have fond memories of it and wouldn’t have changed a single detail. Why all this chatter about kissing? #MyFirstKiss is a trending topic on Twitter.

Among some choice gems:

… was with a chubby gay guy.

… was received after I grabbed my first pair of boobs.

… was with my Edward Cullen poster, it was very enjoyable!

… was in middle school in the computer lab when we played Oregon Trail.

So, what’s the story of your first kiss?

Posted by Abby