Five (Okay, Six) Lessons I’ve Learned

The mm/c crew!

On April 1, mm/c celebrated our 5th year in business. Not sure what it means that I started a company on April Fool’s Day, but am sure any half-assed psychiatrist could interpret something out of that one! My amazing colleagues bought cupcakes and sparkling pink wine for a late-afternoon anniversary celebration. They wanted a toast; I was seriously touched by the gesture (the party, not the call for a toast) and called unprepared. Instead, I promised a blog post on five things I’ve learned in the past five years. Here’s my list, with one extra for good luck:

  1. You lose the right to have a bad day. Truthfully, that’s not one I’ve mastered just yet. 😉
  2. Loyalty is NEVER overrated.
  3. An employer’s dream is finding staff who acts like they own the company. An employee’s dream is finding a boss who truly appreciates those who do.
  4. It really is lonely at the top!
  5. Maintaining high standards as you grow is fucking hard and takes a LOT of work…there will be some mistakes along the way but, I still believe, it can be done.
  6. There’s nothing better than seeing someone grow under your watch, knowing you had a serious impact on making them a stronger professional.

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