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@foodintheair craze

@foodintheair craze

Image source Instagram

The bio of popular Instagram account @foodintheair reads: “Do you like food? Do you like air? If you answered yes to both, insta #foodintheair.” And apparently, there are a fair amount of people that like both food and air; with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, an active Twitter, a Facebook page, a website, and a blog, @foodintheair has become quite the craze… #impressive.

Who knew that food could look that much better by simply holding it up to an aesthetic background and adding a filter (or two, or three)? According to their website, the idea for this social media wonder was conceived by four sisters and a friend who “…liked the idea that you could create images with your food while still focusing on your surroundings”.

Instagram users from around the world submit their artsy, mouth-watering images to the account making it a global sensation.  Think you’re ready to take on the @foodintheair epidemic? Follow the 10 steps below from their website to gain a coveted spot on the Insta account.

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Fair warning: it’s not as easy as it looks. Prepare to fail miserably the first couple tries for that perfect angle and degree of focus along with countless judgmental stares, of course. Happy ‘gramming.


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