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#FoodPorn Addicts, Meet Your New BFF

#FoodPorn Addicts, Meet Your New BFF

Image source Tender

Tinder, everyone’s favorite viral dating hook-up app, has inspired more than just lots of said hooking up. Apps on apps on apps have been developed, trying to capitalize on the popularity of the “swipe left or right,” phenomenon (and not all are of the dating realm). The newest to hit my radar is Tender, a Tinder-inspired “recipe discovery” app.

Instead of swiping through shirtless singles, Tender allows you to swipe through food porn, and then choose whether or not you want to add the recipe to your digital cookbook, which is nicely organized on the app and searchable by keywords or phrases. Basically it’s like Pinterest, except you view one food photo at a time (so less clutter).

According to BostInno, “The recipes on Tender come from blogs all over the Internet, and they all take users directly to the original source to ensure that the author gets credit. Tender is open to including recipes from any food blogger, and the startup encourages anyone to fire out an email if there’s a dish they want listed.” So, instead of surfing through a bunch of your fave food blogs for recipes, they can all be sourced to one place.

I can’t get behind this until I try it, but I am intrigued by the ease of it. Plus, who DOESN’T love scrolling through gorgeous food shots? Now, to learn how to cook without using the microwave..

Posted by Erin D.