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Fool for the Juul?

Fool for the Juul?

Image Source: Business Insider

It’s no secret the tobacco industry is not exactly a staple for our health, so once the alternative option of vaping came to light, many hoping to drop the habit jumped right on the bandwagon. The goal of vaping is to replace the act of smoking cigarettes with a tobacco-free substitute. However, popular e-cigarettes like JUUL contain nicotine, which is what makes people addicted in the first place.

JUUL blew up in recent months, primarily among young people, due to its sleek and easily disguisable shape *wink wink*. You can’t go to a high school or college campus without seeing every other student holding one of these bad boys. Well, if you take a step back and look at Juul’s ads, they seem to be primarily marketing them to young people, taking advantage of the high probability these teens won’t be jumping to read the warning label. Now, young people who weren’t smokers to begin with have developed addictions to nicotine.

Recently, it was discovered that JUUL has been offering schools large sums of funding, up to $20,000 for each, to implement their own “vaping curriculum.” They claim that the curriculum teaches kids the negative side effects of vaping, however, according to an article in the Journal of Adolescent Health, Juul failed to emphasize the harms caused by the flavored pods and omitted information about how the e-cigarette industry markets to teens. Sounds to me like they were just trying to find a new way to push their products onto vulnerable, underage kids.

Sorry Juul, it looks like you’ve been CALLED OUT. The best thing you can do now is take responsibility and just, do better.

Posted by Cayla