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For All the Curly Haired Ladies Out There

For All the Curly Haired Ladies Out There

“You have SUCH thick hair!!!”

This is an exclamation I have heard my entire life. Often when friends introduce me to other people they tell them to feel my ponytail, which if you think about it is kind of weird. I’m always a good sport though and let them grab a hold, so that they too can validate this fact.

As I child I had babysitters who would refuse to blow-dry it, while as an adult I always have to triple check that the receptionist at the hair salon schedules extra time. In high school and college I was a SLAVE to the straightener and it would take me about an hour and a half just to do my hair. Think of all the hours I could have been in the library! Sorry Mom and Dad…

It was crazy. I was crazy. I’m really not a high-maintenance gal at all, so finally I put an end to the madness and the time suck. Now I just stick with wearing it au natural and embrace the real me – aka the curly haired Laura Mooney– and I am a-ok with that!

That said, there are a few of us curly haired ladies here at mm/c and so I thought I would share this amazing BuzzFeed on “26 Things People With Curly Hair Are Tired Of Hearing.” It truly spoke to me. Here are a few of the gems:




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