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Forever 21 and Forever a Teen Mom

Forever 21 and Forever a Teen Mom

When I turned 20, my friends congratulated me on not becoming a teen mom. As each one of us would cross over into adulthood, we would forget the birthday and celebrate getting past the hurdle of potentially ruining our lives and becoming a social outcast. Though I understand that teen pregnancy happens, it is still not responsible, let alone cool, to become a mother before you are financially and emotionally ready.

Regardless of my personal opinion towards the matter, teen pregnancy is becoming ever so glamorous these days, and now, Forever 21, dresser of all teens everywhere, has come out with a maternity line, Love 21. Are they serious? That store attracts more girls under the age of 16 then a Justin Bieber concert!

The funniest not-so-funny thing about this is that, although the maternity line is offered online, it was only launched in five states — five strategically chosen states. Texas, California, and Arizona reportedly have high teenage pregnancy rates relative to the rest of the country. Mormons, a large part of the Utah population, do not believe in abortions. And Alaska, home of the infamous Bristol Palin…enough said.

Forever 21 is claiming they are just trying to expand their niche. I am claiming exploitation!

Posted by Amanda