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#ForeverDuncan Got Me Feeling #ForeverAlone

#ForeverDuncan Got Me Feeling #ForeverAlone

Image source Instagram

We interrupt this normal broadcast of pop culture beauty trends and odes to pumpkin spice to bring to you a beautiful and simple portrayal of unconditional love… the #ForeverDuncan story.

Imagine waking up one day not knowing that, by the end of the day, you would be engaged AND married. That’s what happened to Sherrell Woodward, significant other of Grammy and Emmy nominated vocalist, Alfred Duncan.

It all started with a simple video posted the morning of where Alfred calls the day “a day of servitude.” He tells Sherrell that she has to say “yes” to everything he asks her to do, but little does she know that she would be saying “yes” to forever with him. From there, he takes her phone and posts from her Instagram with each caption stating “this post is from her future husband.” He documents the beginning of the day of them getting breakfast, him proposing and then jumps forward to a video of her walking down the aisle and reciting their vows.

Before the haters jump in and say, “I’d kill him if he tried to plan my wedding,” understand that while weddings are something we all fantasize about when growing up, they are really only about one thing. Love. To that I say, SLAYYYY.

Also with cuffing season around the corner, it has us all hitting up our old flames being like…


Posted by Emily.