Marathon Shoppers Take Note – You Don’t Even Need to Leave the Department Store Now!

Lunch at Forty CarrotsIt’s called Bloomingdale’s, and the only one in Massachusetts is at the Chestnut Hill Mall. Every time I visit that mall I rack my brain as to where I want to eat for a quick pit-stop to refuel and rest my feet before I go back and shop. Do I go to Charlie’s? Or Bernard’s for Chinese? Do I get into my car and drive to Newton Center or Legal Seafoods over in the strip mall where the old Bloomingdale’s used to be? I always wanted something easier.

Well, now I have it. A new café opened on the first floor by the cosmetics area and it’s called Forty Carrots. The news hasn’t gotten around much (no one told me about this place before I stumbled upon it last weekend) so I gave it a shot and actually really liked the place! The first Forty Carrots opened at the NYC Bloomingdale’s back in 1975 and there are a bunch of locations inside of Bloomingdale’s throughout the country. The menu consists of a variety of healthy offerings including sandwiches, spa salads, smoothies and a healthy frozen yogurt made of active natural yogurt cultures available with fruit or candy toppings. My sister and I tested out the cobb salad, the chicken salad sandwich on raisin nut bread, the Pina Colada smoothie and their chocolate and banana frozen yogurt and we were highly impressed with the portion sizes and their effort to make each sandwich/salad/smoothie/frozen yogurt extra tasty and unique. Next time you’re on your seasonal marathon shopping spree, head downstairs, take a seat, and enjoy.

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