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Free Booze for Life!

Free Booze for Life!

Image source CNN

Sounds great right?!

Wait for the catch…

You would never pay for alcohol again, but you would also have no control over when or where you got drunk. Still sound great? Probably not.

If you’re like one Texas man, recently reported on by NPR, this could be your exact situation thanks to what’s been dubbed as ‘auto-brewery syndrome.’ I know what you’re thinking…this “syndrome” can’t be real. Au contraire my friends! There have been documented cases of ‘auto-brewery syndrome,’ also less appealingly known as ‘gut fermentation’ brewing around the world for years.  ‘Auto-brewery syndrome’ has even been presented as a defense in drunken driving cases, albeit an unsuccessful one.

So what exactly causes this? Good question.

Don’t worry, you won’t develop the mysterious syndrome from downing one too many PBR’s next weekend.  Case studies have been done across the globe to identify a common denominator between patients who have presented with symptoms of the syndrome.  I’m not a very science oriented person, but what I gather from each study is that patients who develop the syndrome:

1) Are already prone to ‘Candida’ (aka high levels of yeast build up)

2) Typically binge on sugary and carb loaded foods


3) Regularly enjoy foods and beverages that are heavy handed on the ‘Brewer’s yeast’ e.g. beers, wines, and a variety of breads.

The unique combination of these factors will turn some peoples’ intestines into their own micro-brewery.  So before you reach for that second slice of pizza or get in line for your next cronut, stop and think “Am I prone to Candida?” if the answer is yes, you soon may be brewing your very own beer…that no one will want to try.

Posted by Gillian