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My Friends Are Like The Most Important Thing To Me Right Now

My Friends Are Like The Most Important Thing To Me Right Now

A few years ago, I googled myself (doesn’t everyone?!) and what came up was a blog that I had written when I was 13, going on 14. Back before blogging was cool (read: 2005), I decided that I would be the next big #blogstar. Well, too bad I lost my steam, because I only wrote two posts. I had completely forgotten about the page, but it did show a great glimpse of me during those formidable teenage years.

It was the summer before my freshman year in High School. All I cared about was boys, friends and being sassy. I wanted to share with all of you a few notable quotes, but for the whole shebang, check it out here: (yes, the URL is “Kat Hearts Red Sox”)

–    “My Names Kat and I’m in high school (woot).”

–    “I decided to create this site because I have no idea how to use Xanga.”

–    “I am soo excited to be going into High School. Middle School sucked so badly, ugh. I mean when Wellesley has teachers like Ms. Marrow (8th Grade Science) and Ms. Blackwell (7th Grade Social Studies), you know the system is corrupt.”

–    “I bought the new Dane Cook CD. It is sooo funny. Omg. Call me if you want to listen to it. It was worth the money”

–    “Instead of a BDay Cake my brother decides that we’ll have ice cream. Who the fuck turns down cake? Just say both!”

Yes, this is embarrassing.

Posted by Kat