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From Clubs To Cribs

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From Clubs To Cribs

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When I was in my early twenties, I met a guy named Jim Carey (nope, not that guy) at a music festival in Vermont, who, to my surprise at the time, has two children. We had a great time, then went our separate ways and I continued to live the twenty-something-year-old life of “clubbing” (I prefer “going to shows” because I’m classy like that) and city living, while he continued raising his children in the ‘burbs.

Fast forward a few years, Jim Carey sees on social media that I’m with some of his friends at Bijou, sends me a “how have you been” text and says he might join us later in the night. He never showed up that night (you know, due to the whole being a responsible father thing), but one text led to another, which led to dinner and, long story short, we now live together with his two children in the ‘burbs. In a flash, my Friday nights shifted from going out at 10pm to going to bed at 10pm. As I started telling my friends about dating a guy with kids, they all had the same reaction: You? Kids? I’m confused… Trust me, I was confused too. I went from being a girl who never wanted to have children to waking up early to make lunches for my ten and 13-year-old roomies.

The truth is, I’ve never been happier. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of breakdowns and I’m constantly doubting my “parenting” skills, but what I’ve started to realize is that no parent knows what they’re doing before they have kids. We’re all kind of thrown into this whole parenting thing blindly, whether we have our own children, or we just happen to fall for a guy named Jim Carey who comes with a package deal.

Last week Jim’s daughter texted me and asked if I’d get her an “Astroworld” sticker for the Hydroflask that we gave her at Christmas. It was a pretty sticker, so I was about to reply “Sure,” then put on my #momhat and said, “What does this Astroworld thing mean anyways?” Turns out it’s a rap album with explicit lyrics.. something along the lines of “f%^& a B&^% in the club.” Woof.

To buy some extra time, I told her we’d talk about it when I got home, but I was really in a pickle. How can I contribute to raising a strong, independent woman if she’s going to listen to this stuff? On the other hand, I listen(ed) to far worse, and I’m doing well for myself. I ended up buying her the sticker, but reminded her of the importance of supporting people who build women up, something her dad has done an amazing job at thus far. I left the conversation not only feeling proud of myself, but proud of his daughter who genuinely seemed to understand the importance of not replacing her Emma Watson poster with Travis Scott. Whether or not she was playing me for the sticker, who knows, but I’d like to think I’m starting to get this whole #momlife thing.

Following the “sticky” situation, I came across this #MomTruths video about how clubbing prepares you for motherhood. I watched it, chuckled, then had one of those “pull it together, you’ve got this” moments. For all the moms, moms-to-be or frankly anyone who has a mom…check this out and give yourself a little boost of confidence. Because hey, parenting is basically just clubbing, but with an earlier bedtime.

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Posted by Christina B.