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Fun Bags & Fro Yo

Fun Bags & Fro Yo

This just in: Skinny Cow—which, by the way, makes pretty killer low-cal ice cream—has launched their newest marketing campaign to promote the five new flavors of their “perfectly portioned” ice cream cups.

Skinny Cow asks, “what’s better than a perfectly portioned, low-fat ice cream cup?”  The answer?  Duh, “a perfectly fitting bra to go with it!”  And how better to marry these two concepts than to embark on a six city tour giving local ladies free ice cream and bras?!  Fans of the brand on Facebook can vote for their city through January 31st (today folks, get votin’)—head’s up, Boston, we’re #3.  Woot, woot!

So yeah, I know a majority of women wear the wrong bra size.  That’s the line I used when offering free measurements in my three years of seasonal employment at Victoria’s Secret; I’m just not sure I get the connection for the campaign—bigger is or isn’t better?  That being said, it doesn’t really matter, does it?  Skinny Cow is on our tongues (literally and figuratively) and in our minds, and with almost 100,000 Facebook fans, they seem to be on top of their ish.  Should they end up swinging by the Hub, I may check it out.  I just have one request for the Skinny Cow: keep your hooves off my hooters.

Posted by Haley