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Funeral…Bells Are Ringing?

Funeral…Bells Are Ringing?

Wedding magazines are everywhere. They line the walls of CVS, book stores and my office’s lobby, and are scattered around the house of my best friend who already has everything planned for her still non-existent “big day”. But isn’t there a bigger “big” day that needs to be recognized? Another lifetime milestone that deserves at least one magazine on the shelf of Barnes and Noble?

Introducing the newest periodical genre:  Funerals. It kind of makes sense if you really really think about it. I mean, the number of funerals in the world more than doubles the amount of weddings (2 people are involved in 1 wedding, not everyone gets married but everyone dies, Proposition 8 is irrelevant, yadda yadda yadda). No doubt about it, a funeral magazine would definitely relate to a wider audience than Brides & Grooms or Wedding Style.

Jim Thornton, the creative director at a British communications company, is the man behind Eulogy, the newly-launched monthly magazine that deals with funerals, end-of-life care, and other issues of mortality.  Thornton says it’s time society started being more open about death and dying. He thinks covering these issues in a magazine format will be a positive move for humanity.  Its launch issue includes articles on the cemeteries of the rich and famous, the rise of themed funerals, and a featured story on the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead.

While this magazine may not be as glamorous as ones that feature gorgeous designer gowns, beautifully catered food, or happy couples…I’m sure someone from marlo marketing/communications will figure out a way to get a story in there on one of our clients!

Posted by Amanda