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From influencer engagement for luxury hotels to website design for assisted living communities to public relations for iconic beer brands, we cover a lot of ground.

In industry lingo, we’re considered a full-service integrated consumer marketing agency.

In our lingo? We just get sh*t done.

The Future Is Here. A Keurig For Cocktails.

The Future Is Here. A Keurig For Cocktails.

We get a lot of perks here at the marlo marketing office. On tap kombucha, unlimited vacay, a cute little pup that runs around the office. But you know what would top it off? The Somabar.

What’s that, you ask?

Oh, just a Keurig for cocktails.

Yup, the robotic bartender whips up cocktails within five seconds, making it the best way to wind down at the end of the work day before you make your way back home.

Not sure what you want to order? Don’t fret! Somabar is capable of mixing about 300 beverages to satisfy everyone. Looking for an Old Fashioned? You got it. An Appletini? Meh, you got that too… but i’ll probably question your beverage choice.

Party next week in the marlo kitchen? I vote yes.

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Posted by Robbin.