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The Future President of Playlists?

The Future President of Playlists?

For the past 8 years, we have had a president who is, for lack of a better term, cool AF. And not to mention relatable. There was that time he made a Buzzfeed video spoofing himself (and addressed the “Thanks, Obama” meme). And the time he spoofed his own retirement. And that time he actually mic-dropped. And that time he had an anger translator. Like COME ON HOW COOL IS HE.

He’s so cool that, for the past few summers, Obama has put together his own playlists on The White House Spotify station – different playlists for day and night so that you’re ready to go with the tunes of Barry’s choice at a moment’s notice. (Again, SO COOL.) Knowing that this wonderful man is about to be woefully unemployed, Spotify decided to help Obama out by creating a position for him and him alone. A simple scroll through their website’s career page will reveal a job you wish you were cool enough to qualify for:

Image source Spotify

In my opinion, Obama’s a master of picking the perfect smooth tunes and would rock this job. It even leaves him time to hang out with his bestie, Joe.


Posted by Jen