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Gallery Girls: Bad Art Imitating Life

Gallery Girls: Bad Art Imitating Life

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Gallery Girls is like Girls with more “art” and no sense of humor. I think I might be the only person watching it. Like Girls, it follows the lives of bright-eyed post-college gals trying to make it in NYC with frustrating internships, surprisingly large apartments and larger dreams (and parental support). Unlike Girls, Gallery Girls is a Bravo reality show about a few aloof, well-heeled young women with good vocabularies trying to make it in the vaguely defined “Arts World.”

The compelling thing about Girls is that it’s pretty visceral (too visceral for some people); Gallery Girls is like a boho-chic version of The Hills set at Williamsburg bars and art shows with internships where intern/employer relations might be sexually exploitative, which is terrible. It’s finishing school for the next set of “real” housewives.

Despite the sleek veneer of downtown chic, I think these girls are probably self-interested and frustrated with the current socio-economic situation. I don’t blame them. I was an intern in New York too, way back in 2009. In terms of the economy, that’s like walking ten miles in the snow to get to school!

The show isn’t a big deal and it’s not very good, but it’s a little bit freaky when a reality show feels even a little bit like your own reality. It’s all summed up in a few quotes spoken by girls with dark hair clutching glasses of wine (and I’m paraphrasing here):

“I don’t work out. I just can’t work out.”

“She’s too happy. It’s scary. She’s either totally insane or taking way too many antidepressants.”

“Mac and cheese is like… my faa-vor-ittte…”

“I can’t believe he threw béchamel sauce on me! Nobody fucks with my wardrobe.”

The béchamel comment really hit home and I’m not watching anymore; I’ll stick with the fictional girls in Bed-Stuy instead of the real-ish ones in LES gallery spaces. On my friend’s parents’ HBO Go account. On my iPad. Just don’t get near me with that béchamel.

Posted by Susannah