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Gamers vs. Beauty Vloggers – A New Low for Reality Shows?

Gamers vs. Beauty Vloggers – A New Low for Reality Shows?

Image Source DanceOn via YouTube

I would think that by now America would be sick of reality TV. Haven’t we all heard enough about the Kardashians, Snooki’s baby, and Honey Boo Boo? Maybe not. American audiences have always loved being entertained, and many of us feel there’s a budding talent star inside us. Consequently we’ve fallen in love with reality talent shows like So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, and American Idol, where contestants reach for their dreams (or get crushed in the process). Unfortunately, as is often the case, entertainment industry producers don’t seem to know when enough is enough and when to say no to knock-offs.

Enter D-Trix Presents: Dance Showdown, the latest addition to the reality show set list. This “innovator” (aka tapped out copy-cat), is the first to be available solely on the YouTube channel DanceOn. For those who don’t know, the competition is essentially a ghetto version of Dancing with the Stars – YouTube stars that is. The show pairs 12 of these “stars” with a number of “superstar” choreographers to dance their way to the top. We, the Internet viewers, are the judges and with the guidance of experts including Joey Fatone from *NSync and choreographer to the stars, Laurieanne Gibson, determine the final winner of the $100,000 prize. I can hardly sit through typical Dancing with the Stars performances with their cast of has-beens and wanna-be’s (yes, Kirstie Alley I’m talking to you), so I’m thinking Dance Showdown’s line-up of YouTube singers, beauty vloggers, comedians and gamers competing for dance glory is going to be pure torture.

As described on the show’s YouTube page: “Twelve dance-challenged YouTube stars pair off with four professional dancers to train, sweat, fail, and ultimately perform in an epic dance battle to win $100,000 CASH.” I’m curious about the credentials of any of these contestants, unless playing Call of Duty teaches you how to do the two-step. I guess beauty vloggers could get points for looking the part, but I’m thinking they might not be able to krump their way through a hip-hop routine.

Since the producers advertise that their contestants are dance-challenged and expect them to fail, it’s clear the “stars” aren’t in it for dance glory, but for exposure and fame. Reality check: just because Bieber made it on YouTube doesn’t mean you will. These hopefuls are just signing up for humiliation, while America looks in and laughs at them making a fool of themselves busting a move. Season 1 ended in May, receiving more than 10 million views (who watches this shit?!), but have no fear! Season 2 started on October 5th.  Will you be tuning in?

Posted by Katie