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Get a Whiff of This

Get a Whiff of This

Image by Maurizio Melozzi via Pamela Clare

It’s Friday night, you’ve just woken up from your post-work power nap and are rushing to meet your buddies for a drink. You grab the first pair of jeans you can find, throw on a V-neck and are out the door. (Must be nice being a guy.)

Twenty minutes later, as you’re hanging at the bar checking out the eye candy, it’s not that you care that your pants aren’t washed, it’s that you’re slightly *concerned* that you won’t be going home alone tonight. Suddenly you‘re self-conscious and your whole game is thrown off. If only you had done laundry.

Enter new Scratch n’ Sniff jeans by Canadian denim company Naked & Famous. I almost think this is a genius idea. What concerns me is not the thought of one scratching and sticking their nose up to your crotch to sniff, but rather the decision to have raspberry be the introductory scent. Who’s with me?

Now, Axe-scented jeans? …That’s a whole other story.

*Writer’s note: Here is mm/c, we are all responsible for writing blogs once a week and finding a photo to go with our posts. I hope everyone appreciates my decision not to use the denim company’s stock image of the jeans, but rather doing extensive research to select the best of my “hot men in jeans” Google images search…. You’re welcome.

Posted by Emily