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Get In the Mood

Get In the Mood

The mm/c blog has been overridden this spring with posts about how to make your nails look hot. Whether with Minx or OPI Axxium gel nail polish, we’ve shared the latest trends in accessorizing those tips. One more for ya: thanks to Daily Candy, I can’t wait to get In the Mood. No, no — don’t let your mind wander there.

Mood Polish has introduced a new nail color brand, In the Mood. Just like your favorite mood ring from 7th grade, In the Mood polish changes throughout the day depending on whether you’re feeling frisky or bored or angry or….ok, just kidding. But it does change based on temperature. Sport one color along with those goosebumps you get in the office AC, and rock another while enjoying the heat of summer on your weekend beach getaways.

The new brand comes in 6 hot shades: mellow, hyper, flirty, devious (shown above), curious, and blissful. So pick up a bottle of the “mood” you’re feeling — pinks to purples to oranges to turquoises — and let your nails do the talking.

Posted by Haley