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“You Get a Trip to Hawaii…YOU Get a Trip to Hawaii!”

“You Get a Trip to Hawaii…YOU Get a Trip to Hawaii!”

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Celebrities are definitely the last people on Earth who need free stuff, but alas, they constantly receive it. As publicists, we at marlo know that to get our client’s products in the hands of an A-Lister is THE holy grail, and if they promote or post about it on social, well, we might as well quit now because it’s never going to get better. HOWEVER, we also know that getting celeb approval costs mega dollars, and is often unattainable for very worthy brands without big budgets. So it goes.

You may not know this from watching the Oscars this past weekend (or other award shows), but the big winners of the evening go home with more than just a shiny trophy and pride in a job well done. In fact, this year’s unofficial Oscars “swag bag” from LA-based marketing company Distinctive Assets goes for over six figures. Some of the big items this year include a five night stay in Hawaii, a full wardrobe from women’s clothing line Belldini, a 10 year supply of foundation and moisturizer from Oxygenetix, and a… cellulite massage mat from Sweetcheeks (don’t ask me what that is because I don’t know and I’m not sure I want to). You can read about more of the goodies here.

Now, will the celebs actually use everything in the gift bag? I’m going to guess not. Especially since many of them can probably go to any resort in the world for free or, if not, for what is basically pocket change to them. And I’m willing to bet that if they asked a company for a lifetime supply of luxury facial products, they would receive more than they could ever use.

So, to this year’s winners I say: I am happy to take any and all swag off your hands if you feel so inclined (I’ll even let you keep the cellulite massage mat). Oh, and congrats!


Posted by Erin D.