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Get Your A** to the Polls!

Get Your A** to the Polls!

Image Source: Uber

I was born on election day of 19XX — you don’t need to know the year. As such, I feel like it is my personal duty and maybe even my birthright to tell you that you have to vote. I will even consider it a birthday present if you just get out to the polls that day.

This year, Uber and Lyft are making it so you can’t use transportation as an excuse to not exercise your right to vote. On Election Day, November 6th, Uber riders can get a free ride to the polls by opening up the app and tapping the “Get to the Polls” button, which will help them find their polling place and order a ride. Uber has partnered with #VoteTogether and Democracy Works to provide these free rides, and they also partnered with When We All Vote to help people register to vote, with information about voter registration right on the app.

Lyft has also partnered with various organizations to distribute promo codes for discounted rides to polling places in order to encourage voter turnout. In underserved communities, Lyft will provide free rides to the polls through partnerships with Voto Latino, the National Federation of the Blind and Urban League. Beyond helping to combat transportation issues, which hindered 15 million people from voting in 2016, Lyft is also supporting voter registration efforts by teaming up with When We All Vote and National Voter Registration Day.

You may think it’s “just” a midterm election, but we are in a crucial juncture in our country’s history. If you’re not yet registered, the last day to register to vote in Massachusetts is coming up quickly on October 17th. Every vote counts; every voice matters. So, register, mark your calendars and get your ride to the polls on November 6.

Posted by Sylvie