Getting Gummy

When shoes and gum typically come together, it’s an unfortunately sticky situation. When well-known city organization Iamsterdam, clothing brand Explicit Wear and sustainability group Gumdrop come together, it’s the first ever shoe made out of used chewing gum!

Yep, in an effort to reduce and recycle waste, the organizations are launching a sneaker created out of gum found on the streets of Amsterdam, called Gumshoe. The sole of the shoe is made 100% from recycled compounds that are composed of 20% gum.

With 1.5 million kilograms of gum littered on the streets each year, the creation seeks “to make people aware of this problem,” according to spokesperson Jonathon Van Loon on the collaboration. He also assures customers that the shoe “is as strong as normal rubber and even smells of gum.”

Who doesn’t want to put a little pep in their step with the smell of bubble gum each day (and look damn cool while doing it)?!

Image Source: Gumshoe

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