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Getting Mad Now Pays Off For Aussie Snickers Fans

Getting Mad Now Pays Off For Aussie Snickers Fans

In a very clever marketing campaign, Snickers is letting go and giving the Internet control. They’ve come up with a “Hungerithm” that can measure the mood of the interwebs, based on a 3,000 word lexicon and data taken from 14,000 social media posts daily. Based on this “mood” data, the price of their candy bars at every 7-Eleven store in Australia adjusts in real time. Playing off of their previous campaign “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry,” the price of a Snickers bar is actually LOWERED based on how angry the population is at any given time.

So basically, a teenager in Brisbane complaining about their “god d@mn” homework or a partygoer in Melbourne tweeting about the “f*cking weather” that ruined their vibe can help satisfy the cravings of Aussies everywhere. GET ANGRY = GET CANDY. Seems like a good incentive system.

Apparently, the price point is updated 140 times a day, and can drop as low as 82% off. That’s one cheap piece of chocolate! I’m generally a very happy person, however, if the #hungerithm comes to the U.S. I might be tweeting out expletives all day long. Either that, or praying for natural disasters. JUST KIDDING!

Kudos, Snickers. This campaign is truly SWEET.

Posted by Anne.