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Getting Over ‘Green’

Getting Over ‘Green’

Eco-chic??? I have to admit that I’m a cynic when it comes to most pop culture trends and it is very easy to dismiss all this ‘green’ buzz as total horse shit (which, apparently, makes great conditioner – go figure).

In all seriousness, I appreciate the real threats to the environment and am committed to living more responsibly to repair damage done and protect our earth. Especially the little things we can all do – turning our computers off at night, not printing every email and document at work, taking the train, reusing takeout containers, and so on. However, I can’t help but roll my eyes at every new enviro-friendly product, service and marketing campaign that is churned out. I’m especially skeptical of the fashion world’s adoption of everything green. From Ferragamo to Fruit of the Loom, it’s everywhere – bamboo, hemp, recycled, earth positive, organic…and on and on.  Truth be told, I’m more concerned with how a shirt fits and how much it costs as opposed to where it came from. However, I was perusing Urban the other day and Alternative Apparel’s ( lil’ green logo caught my eye. It was attached to an adorable, uber-soft Henley tee – 3/4 sleeves, rolled hemlines and slim cut. I snatched it up, it fit beautifully and, within a week, it has become my new favorite. Turns out I am a fan of sustainably fabulous fashions!

My new tee notwithstanding, my opinion remains unchanged. Most of the companies slapping a recycle sign on their website don’t mean it, and most of us aren’t going to significantly alter our lifestyles, i.e. spend more money than before to outfit ourselves in ill-fitted camo-green caftans. However, kudos to the players out there who understand that to successfully market green products and services to the masses, one must expand beyond the trendy messaging (that can be the secondary feel-good spin) and actually deliver something that is attractive, tempting and high-quality. I’ll be back for more Alternative Apparel duds…but will I be switching to the new line of soy underwear – Uranus? Not so much.

Posted by Sam