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Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World

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Boy Meets World is easily one of my top two favorite TV shows of all time. There was nothing better in middle school than a Friday night with friends spent watching TGIF while eating pizza and Capri Sun. I’m not afraid to admit that I still DVR the reruns. Cue the squeals of every 90’s kid as the trailer of the highly anticipated spin-off, Girl Meets World finally makes its debut.

I do have mixed emotions here – as excited as I am to see this revival of my favorite fictional characters, I am clearly not a 12 year old living in 2014 and therefore the vibe/humor of the show seems to be outside my comfort zone. Disney Channel: what’s up with child actors overacting so much, and why am I way overstimulated by the blinding colors? If the “life lessons” revolve around sexting and Snapchats, I’m out. Mr. Feeny would not approve.

All I know is: Cory Matthews DEF got a nose job, I still envy Topanga’s perfect hair, this “Farkus” kid will be a poor excuse for a new “Minkus,” I will cry if Mr. Feeny doesn’t make a cameo… and let’s be honest, the June 27th premier is marked on my Google calendar.

Posted by Amanda