Girl Power Lives On

So here’s the story from A-Z. As a child of the 90’s and a loyal Spice Girls fan, I grew up knowing that girl power was the coolest thing imaginable. Despite their baby-gap sized clothing and somewhat questionable lyrics for a seven year old, I could appreciate the general message that they stood for—girls rock and should be respected, always.












Image source PopSugar

Fast forward 20 years and with that, a new wave of role models have rolled in, with their own questionable messages. Plus, in a time as progressive as ours, it still feels like women’s rights aren’t even close to being “there” yet. But, a charity named Project Everyone is turning to the Spice Girls’ #1 hit, Wannabee, and using the song to tell world leaders what they “really, really want,” which is everything from equal education, the end of violence against women and the end of child marriage.

Featuring artists from Nigeria, South Africa, the UK, the US, Canada and India, the video aims to encourage women from all over the world to share what they need to improve their lives, using #WhatIReallyReallyWant. The results will then be presented to the UN General Assembly this month.

So go on and slam ya body down and zig a zig ah your way to making a real change in the world by joining the movement. It’s a message that deserves to be heard.


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