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Both Give and Take with

Both Give and Take with

Generation Y has been dubbed self-indulgent, entitled, and egocentric. It’s sad that the “Me Generation” is also my generation, but just look at us! The ridiculously successful line of i goodies from Apple says it all (translation: iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPooed — not the latter, but you get what I’m saying). Gen Y has proven through the materialistic epidemic of the past few decades that we are indeed guilty of self-serving consumerism.

However, meet In this instance, the oft-overused pronoun “I” carries a positive connotation because giving is good. is essentially an online mall that donates a portion of all purchases to the charity of your choice. With over seven hundred stores, ranging from BestBuy to Baby Gap, and almost fifty thousand causes, iGive provides a unique opportunity to fellow Gen Y materialists.

Vendors range in generosity, as some donate a measly 1%, while others are kind enough to give over 12%. As for the charities, the possibilities are endless. Last week I arranged to have flowers sent to Mum for Mother’s Day on behalf of my favorite cause, Grey2K USA, an advocacy group based in Somerville, Massachusetts that seeks to terminate the despicable “sport” of dog racing once and for all. (Visit for our canine comrades in need.)

If iGive sounds too good to be true, get this: you can track your donation on the iGive website to determine if it’s been received by the charity. You can even see how many donations and of what value have been sent, as well as the total amount iGive has raised for the specific cause. It’s truly inspiring.

Compromise is a beautiful thing, so forgo the iPod for iGive, or even better, get the iPod on iGive.

Posted by Liza