Give Your Dog a Clone?

A couple weeks ago, news hit that the legendary Barbra Streisand did a legendary thing: she cloned her dog Samantha, a 14-year-old Coton de Tulear that now exists as a pair named Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett. So apparently, we can clone our dogs now. The process is lengthy, costs around $50,000 and involves not just one, but a whole group of female dogs. Yes, we’re talking extensive animal testing! Elle Woods would be shaking in her pink Jimmy Choo’s. PETA is pissed, and everyone is conflicted. How should we feel about cloning dogs?

Image Source: Wide Open Pets

Even though it raises controversial moral and ethical questions, I’m sure we can all see where Barbra is coming from. She truly loved her dog and felt like replacing her would soften the blow. Obviously, we wish they could live forever but that’s not possible– so maybe we should just not? This isn’t 2087, you will never get an exact replica of your dog.

The real question is how Samantha is feeling in doggy heaven about being shorted a “Miss” title like her…progeny?

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