Don’t Be So Snooty — Give the Snood a Shot!

The SnoodThis month, Wall Street Journal reporter Rachel Dodes wrote an article in the Style section called “Can the Snood Save Christmas?” The “snood” is a half-scarf, half-hood accessory that you wrap around your neck and put over your head like a hood, if you are ever so inclined. I checked out a black one a couple of weeks ago at the local Club Monaco store and was diggin’ it. Dodes’ article discussed the initial skepticism about this accessory for holiday/winter when it was first introduced on the runway by a variety of top designers. Dodes then states that many fashion execs predict it’ll be one of the hottest items this holiday season.

Unfortunately – and you Boston fashionistas will agree with me on this – I can pretty much guarantee we’ll be lucky if we see one or two Boston gals sporting a snood this winter. Hate to admit it, but we’re a conservative bunch and wearing something wrapped around the head like that can be intimidating for some. I have plans to get one, though. I think it’s stylish and perfect for those cold days when you want your head covered and kept warm. And keep in mind – you can always pull the hood part down and just wear it like a thick infinity scarf. Just a thought…

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