Gladys Knight Would Be Proud

Gummy shot glasses: check. Cocktails mimicking the flavor profile of a cheeseburger: check (and barf). So, what’s the natural next step in the food/beverage crossroads? Why, chicken n’ waffles lattes, natch. Come April, you won’t need to head South to satisfy that sweet/savory hankering fulfilled only by crispy chicken and fluffy waffles (Gladys Knight’s in ATL does it best, just trust me on this). Simply toss Torani’s just-launched specialty syrup on everything from Sazeracs to sandwiches (these are the folks who brought us bacon syrup after all; my my, how on trend).

Call me crazy (or Paula Deen), but I think chicken n’ waffles-inflected vanilla ice cream sounds kind of incredible. My prediction: hottest shaved ice flavor of summer 2012!

Posted by Abby

Image source Torani

Posted By: marketingmarlo

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