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Glamour and Krispy Kremes: A Partnership Straight from Heaven to My Hips

Glamour and Krispy Kremes: A Partnership Straight from Heaven to My Hips

I can’t tell if I’m recently so attracted to beverage and food topics because of my personal lack of good F&B of late, or if these topics really are ridiculous. I’m going to go with the latter…this can’t be just me!

The U.K. edition of Glamour has formed a partnership with…wait for it…Krispy Kreme. No, your eyes aren’t failing you, I really said Krispy Kreme, as in the indescribably tasty doughnuts that can only be explained as a creation of God.

With inspiration from lip gloss shades (hot pink and bright fuchsia, of course), Krispy Kreme and Glamour U.K. have concocted these tasty and high-fashion treats, called “The Glamour Glaze Doughnut,” to celebrate the magazine’s 10th anniversary.

Does the idea of a “high-fashion doughnut” sound contradictory to anyone else?  Do you think the models in Glamour eat doughnuts? I’m going to go with a big fat NO on that one. But hey, I’m not a high-fashion Glamour model, so I could eat them, right? I mean, consuming a days worth of calories while simultaneously applying my lip-gloss? That’s what I call killing two serious birds with one stone.

Posted by Brooke

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