Glitter Pits…The Trend That Almost Definitely Stinks

You may have noticed that we have an affinity for the glitter trend here at marlo marketing – I mean, what PR gal doesn’t like a little sparkle? First came the hipsters sporting glitter beards, followed by crazy colorful glitter roots and now the latest trend, glitter pits.

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Feminism aside, dusting your underarms with glitter or sticking sparkly shapes to your five o’clock pit shadow seems pretty damn impractical – it is sweater season after all – not to mention uncomfortable. What happens when you put your arm down after applying gel or a light adhesive? What if you start sweating? What if one of the corners of those little sequin stars stabs you? I don’t personally plan on finding out the answers to any of these questions, but I can imagine this is one sticky, smelly, sparkly mess.

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In my book, the glitter trend is 1 for 3 (while totally ridiculous, there’s just something about guys and glitter). Not only does the trend get worse with time, but it also seems to be headed south.  I hate to think what body part people will put sparkles on next…


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