Go Freck Yourself

I remember as a kid having a good friend with a face full of freckles who complained about them constantly. She never felt pretty, and she was even picked on for her sun-kissed skin. While I have always thought freckles were a charming feature, I’ve never had too many, even after spending hours in the sun. But that’s cool with me, because I have other characterizing features, like my baby blues (which I am very proud of if you couldn’t tell).

Over recent years it has apparently become a trend to fake freckles, and one new cosmetic company is trying to capitalize on it.

Enter Freck Yourself, the “first semi-permanent freckle cosmetic,” which allows you to get perfectly distributed, natural-looking freckles using a simple stencil. Currently a Kickstarter project, the LA-based company hopes to raise $215,000 by December 10.

Image Source CBC

I will admit, prior to discovering this product, I was not really aware that faking freckles was a thing (that was until I discovered thousands of makeup tutorials on YouTube). Can I just say how overwhelmed I am with all the new developments in the makeup world? Airbrushing, contouring, strobing, rainbow eyebrows? What happened to the days of slapping on some mascara and a little blush and calling it a day?

My advice? In the words of some smart individuals (and later Queen Bey), “if you got, flaunt it,” and if you don’t, embrace what you do have! But I could just be bitter that I have still to yet master a simple cat eye…


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