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Image source The Huffington Post

Part of my job as an account coordinator on the marlo marketing/communications hospitality team is to read through local and national food blogs every morning. Most posts I read are about menu trends, restaurant openings/closings, celebrity chefs and Boston events. As I scroll through the feeds of almost 30 blogs each day, I pull the most relevant posts to share with my team.

And sometimes I star irrelevant posts just for my own amusement. Some pretty entertaining news of the weird comes through my RSS feed, and I can’t help but take a minute to look through it.

Earlier this week I stumbled across a post titled “GOATS STANDING IN TREES ZOMG and knew I had to check it out. Maybe it’s an mm/c thing, but we seem to love goats.

So here you have it friends, goats standing in trees:

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Well I think this picture is worth 1,000 questions. Or at least 10 questions – directed at the goats:

  1. Why are you standing in a tree?
  2. How do you plan on getting down?
  3. Would you prefer someone built you a tree house in that tree?
  4. Do you think you’re a monkey?
  5. How’s the view?
  6. Did it hurt…when you fell…from that tree?
  7. Do you get a better tan up there?
  8. Is there a bathroom up there?
  9. Is it safe to bring your children with you?
  10. Is there a height limit for this ride?

I’ll let you know what the answers to these questions are when my carrier pigeon drops off my note in this Moroccan goat tree.

Posted by Nina