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Goodbye, Kate Moss…Hello Lizzi Miller!

Goodbye, Kate Moss…Hello Lizzi Miller!

I’ve gotta give kudos to Glamour’s September issue. Why? Check out page 194.

Comments have been pouring into Glamour’s editorial department…and guess what? They’re mostly positive! Could it be true? Is the age of emaciation gone? I mean, can we really eat carbs again?

As you flip through the pages of beautiful, size 0 models showcasing the latest fashions and hottest fall make-up trends, it’s rather striking to see the gorgeous, “plus-size” (don’t you hate that term?!) model, Lizzi Miller, radiating in the story “What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body.” She is a 20-year-old, softball and belly dancing enthusiast who wears a size 12-14.

Glamour Editor, Cindi Leive, seems to get ‘it’. ‘It’ being that some women readers don’t want to see photoshopped images of the female body but, instead, are dying for a look at the real thing. And voila, here it is! No sucking in, no airbrush, and alas—the model is still beautiful. Nothing can compromise that un-abashing glow.

And while, yes, this rare, non-size 2 model is featured in a body image story, it must be said that Glamour’s May issue did feature a plus-size model in a swimsuit spread without any cliché caption about loving your size, shape and curves. Maybe they’re onto something…

What do you think?

Posted by Alyssa