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Goodbye Ray Bans, Hello GL20 Camera Sunglasses

Goodbye Ray Bans, Hello GL20 Camera Sunglasses

It’s official—the fashion world and tech world have collided! Don’t believe me? Read on…

WHAT: The latest Polaroid invention, the GL20 sunglasses, allows you to take pictures and videos using a camera built into the lens and then display them on an LCD screen to everyone standing around you! There’s also a USB drive so that you can download the content FROM YOUR SUNGLASSES onto a computer. You mean we can block the sun from our eyes while making a spectacle of ourselves?! And I thought UV in the lens was revolutionary!

WHERE: Everywhere. But if you’re lucky, no one that you have to be out in public with will be sporting these oh-so-unique shades. Let’s just say they’re somewhat of a fashion faux pas, unless you’re aiming to look like a member of the Jetson family.

WHY: Well, let’s face it, Lady Gaga is on fire right now. No, not literally, but that could definitely be the theme for her next music video. Everything she touches turns to gold—smart move on Polaroid’s part for naming her Creative Director last year.

So if you’re mesmerized by Lady Gaga’s eccentric flair or are just a tech geek looking for the next ‘it’ gadget, check out GL20’s, coming to planet Earth this spring.

Posted by Alyssa