Google Goes From Geek To Chic

You might be hesitant to put your wardrobe into the hands of some nerds out in Silicon Valley. But trust me, by Google is the coolest thing to happen in fashion technology since the invention of Jimmy Choo’s “Zap” sandals.

The site is a collection of hundreds of virtual boutiques categorized by trend (“Mad About Mad Men”), by celebrity (“Ashley Olsen”), or by blogger (Rumi “Fashiontoast” Neely). You can even build your own boutique and amass a following of enviable fashionistas.

Thanks to the genius of Google, utilizes “visual search technology” to give buyers exactly what they ask for. Code writers and stylists actually collaborated to maximize the effectiveness of as a style aggregator.

On November 17, at a swanky party in New York City, Google launched the site. No, I didn’t get an invite, but I did live the night vicariously through the Twitter feeds of lucky attendees.

Billionaire nerds have long dated fashion models, so I guess it was only a matter of time before High Tech met High Fashion…I can’t wait to see how this one plays out!

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