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Goop is Very Nice… For Me to Poop On

Goop is Very Nice… For Me to Poop On

An elitist, yet hilarious, lifestyle blog, Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP has been cause for ridicule since its inception in late 2008. While Gywnnie’s lack of self-awareness regarding her privileged life is grounds for comedy (how else can you explain her insistence on using lavender-scented sea salt that can only be purchased at a specific London market?), it’s aspirational reading at its finest — and I like that.

If Ms. P didn’t tell me that the only way to experience a souk in Marrakesh is to hire a $400/hour personal shopper/bargainer, I can only imagine what kind of terrible time I’d have in Morocco. Same goes for Paris: I’d have no idea that THE place to stay was the Ritz. You can almost hear Gwyneth say à la Ferris Bueller, “if you have the means, I highly recommend it.”

Between her highly obnoxious cooking segments (where every ingredient is “incredible” or “wonderful”) and her elitist travel recommendations, there are some choice bits to GOOP. Her fashion newsletters, for one, are reliably on-point and useful. As someone who tends to dress in uniform (ie. some combination of boots, leggings, a striped dress/shirt and a sweater every day), I appreciate her style — built on the idea that she can add/remove a couple of articles/accessories to go from hanging out at home with her kids to rocking a stylish look to a business lunch.

Yes, her dietary suggestions border on the extreme (read: starvation).  And W(ho)TF does she think she is to relay investment advice?!

Regardless of Gwyneth’s somewhat presumptuous lifestyle suggestions, I admittedly look forward to this little slice of delusional heaven every Thursday in my inbox. And not just for the insight into her bowel movements.

Posted by Amelia