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Gossip Girl, Yes. Singer…?

Gossip Girl, Yes. Singer…?

One of my favorite shows of the moment has to be Gossip Girl – ever since it debuted on the CW I’ve been hooked. And why not? A show about teenagers at a private NYC school openly drinking martinis at bars (or cokes spiked with date rape drugs – thanks Georgina), having sex with teachers, holding guerilla fashion shows, and having torrid affairs with their step-parents? My DVR craves this show.

As the actors become more and more famous, it’s only natural for them to branch out and take on other projects. One thing though – actor does not = singer/dancer. Perhaps someone should tell Leighton Meester and Chase Crawford before they embarrass themselves.

It was recently announced that Leighton Meester has signed a deal with Universal Republic Records and will release her debut album in the fall. Her music is described by Billboard as having an “electro-pop edge.” Her last singing stint? She played a blonde “virgin ‘til I die” singer on Entourage and performed a duet with Tony Bennett for the show’s most recent season. Not really sure about this one – she’ll probably do about as well as Joaquin Phoenix did with his “rap” career… at least the Letterman interview was entertaining!

Who’s the next Gossip Girl regular to turn musical? Chase Crawford has auditioned for the lead in the Footloose remake, after Zac Efron pulled out in favor of pursuing “non-musical” projects. (NBD Zac – I heart you either way.) Word on the street is that Chase has been offered the role, and it all comes down to scheduling. It appears that his Gossip Girl schedule is getting in the way, but Chase wants the role so badly that he’s prepared to hire an attorney to help figure things out. You really want to dance it up that badly Chase? Remember those gay rumors we talked about?

I’m fine with my GG stars turning musical, but seriously guys – let’s not mess things up with the show because of a dancing movie or a concert tour schedule. I need Blair and Nate in top shape for all the upcoming underage drinking parties and sexcapades in Central Park.

Posted by Julie